Lama Fera Healing by Monica harsh

Lama fera by monica harsh

Lama fera healing

by Monica Harsh |

Lama Fera is a great healing method used by Buddhist monks and Tibetan Lamas for hundreds of years. Lama Fera is an energy healing system that has been practiced over the centuries in the Himalayas. It removes negative energy and produces emotional, physical, and spiritual healing.
According to Monica harsh Lama fera is the union of two words. Both the words have their own identity and importance. Lama means follower, who follows the philosophy of Buddha, making it part of his life from the core of his heart, and Fera means the two and half times of circumvention It involves the use of mantras and symbols and their vibrations. It is a very unique and efficient technique for cleansing the energetic system of all the low vibrations and attracting the positive ones instead. The healing does not include touching the body.

The healer helps to transfer Lord Buddha's energy to the patient to heal a particular illness or disease. According to practitioners, the healing happens through the use of 12 symbols, which they cannot disclose to anybody, except those learning this therapy.

Lama fera Benefits
• Best for improving memory and concentration
• Freedom from unknown fear, pessimism, anxiety, phobias
• Direct healing and effect on the root cause of diseases.
• It eliminates pain, fears, nervousness, and the discomfort caused due to chronic disease
• Balances the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energy
• Freedom from stress, mental tensions, and depression
• Helps overcome the suffering caused by emotional traumas
• Helps reconnect to the Higher Being and higher energy frequencies
• Freedom from Tantra-Mantra effects.
• Brings a good night's sleep, without any nightmares
• Best for enhancing the willpower
• Makes active, alert, self-confidence, inner peace
• It can remove Past- Life Issues And Many More…