Monica harsh a reiki therapist

Monica harsh reiki therapist in Mumbai

Reiki Therapist / Healer

by Monica Harsh |

Monica harsh is a Reiki healer and a Law of Attraction and Money Mantra coach for the past 6 years. working with corporate organizations, school and college students, housewives and professionals in various fields. She has helped them transform themselves and overcome the challenges related to money inflow, health, harmony in relationships, anxiety, depression and subconscious fears. She has clients from all over the world including royal families and famous personalities. She understands and respects the privacy of her clients and maintains a client-therapist confidentiality under the code of ethics.

According to Monica harsh reiki therapy holds the power and positivity to heal emotional wounds, psychological traumas and physical problems/diseases. Reiki is a natural and simple method of spiritual healing and self-improvement but has outstanding results when practised rightly. It has been effective over the years for people belonging to every age group to fight against any disease or illness through the empowerment of the self.

When you take a reiki session, the Reiki Healer places their hands either directly on you or just above you to bring about healing. It is believed that by doing so, the practitioner triggers the natural healing abilities of your body ensuring the free flow of “life force energies”. Just like a disease or illness tries to break you down from the inside, Reiki helps you to fight this battle from the inside too.

While it cannot promise to cure you, it never leaves you off-guard and doesn’t fail to keep you well-armed against the enemy here. It works by unifying with other medical or therapeutic techniques to avoid side effects as much as possible and aims at recovery.As mentioned earlier, Reiki neither presents itself as an alternative medical treatments nor challenge medical science, theories, or practices. Reiki, as a matter of fact, complements all other types of medical and therapeutic treatments. Therefore, it’s not substitute but an add-on that ensures an increased rate of efficacy of other types of healing

Benefits of Reiki:
• Relaxes your body and releases tension from mind
• Works as a toxin and cleanses our mind and soul
• Trigger starts the positive energies
• Kick starts the body’s self-healing abilities
• Calms the mind with an improvement in mood
• Helps in a better sleep
• Helps in spiritual growth